Spain’s Princess Cristina to Stand Trial

King’s Sister Charged With Tax Fraud


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(…) Last year, a Manos Limpias lawyer, Virginia López-Negrete, asked Judge Castro to name the princess as a suspect, on the basis of evidence that had surfaced after Mr. Urdangarin refused to accept a plea bargain. The evidence portrayed the princess as more actively involved in the work of her husband’s sports consultancy than she previously had admitted.

(…) The case against the princess turned Ms. López-Negrete, a 36-year-old lawyer, into a minor celebrity. Last year the Spanish newspaper ABC published a series of photos of her and the judge having drinks at a bar, in full public view. She and others criticized the photos as an attempt to discredit her and the judge’s work, and noted that such social interaction among legal professionals isn’t out of the ordinary in Spain.

Ms. López-Negrete said Monday that Judge Castro’s decision to go ahead with the case against the recommendation of the prosecutor’s office shows that Spanish judges are willing to press ahead in corruption cases despite political pressure.

“This is just the logical conclusion of a case in which the evidence is just overwhelming,” Ms. López-Negrete said.



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